When Dying Is Easier Than Living

When Dying Is Easier Than Living. At the time, death did seem like the easier option than living. To the person willing to die, i know right now, you’re thinking i’m just one of those people who, without knowing, or understanding you or your pain, i’m judging you for being selfish or weak.

Death is better than life from whisper.sh

ใครเขียนว่า dying is easy comedy is hard? Life is such a wonderful thing, you just have open your eyes and seek. When there is no space to breathe?

As I Thought Of Having To Die While So Desperately Wanting To Live, I Felt A Profound Sense Of Grief (Another Emotion I Have Come To Know And Love).

It was said before…”seek and you’ll find” “knock and the door will be open for you” “ask and you shall receives”. When there is no space to breathe? But 4support is right, life isn't suppose to be easy.

The Apostle Paul Wrote Many Of The Passages Dealing With The Subject.

Muhamm­ad baksh, 40, shot himsel­f point blank in the head after six months of contin. I would be inspiration for others. Scripture teaches extensively on death so that christians can have no reason to fear it.

The Question Is Do You Agree That Death Is Easier Than Living?

Living for him in the midst. (why) forgetting is easier than forgiving. When dying is so much more easier than living.

But Back To The Quote.

After all, it would put me on the fast route to heaven. So i guess in a way it would be easier when you die as you do not have stress. There are many obstacles in life and a part of it is getting through it.

The Second Time He Died For 2 Minutes.

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