Rats Rats We Are The Rats

Rats Rats We Are The Rats. And maybe even some foods we don’t like. Jerma] rats, rats, we're the rats we prey at night, we stalk at night, we're the rats [king rat] i'm the giant rat that makes all of the rules [all rats] let's see what kind of.

rats, we're rats, we're the rats. (10 hours) YouTube from www.youtube.com

Oct 23, 9:41 pm pdt: The rats are a sentient, talking variant of the common rat, rattus norvegicus. Oct 23, 10:47 pm pdt

The Squirrel’s Is Big And Bushy, The Rat’s Is Naked, Scaly, And Wormlike.

I'm da giant rat dat makes all of da rulezedit: They have white feet they have big ears and bushy tail, unlike. And maybe even some foods we don’t like.

They Are Led By A Giant Rat, Who Makes All Of The Rules. In Timeline A, They Busy Themselves With Trying To Steal The Mayan Treasure From The Diner In Simple City, As Part Of The Course Of Events Leading To The.

The rats are all identical in appearance, apart from size. Oct 23, 10:46 pm pdt: A rat is a rodent that lives in a burrow.

Oct 23, 10:47 Pm Pdt

We do our business under cover of dark. Rats, we're rats, we're the rats. They operate as a collective group under the leadership.

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Vote if you're here because you're bored in class. They neither attacked nor bit the dogs or us. There are over 20 species of pack rats in the wilderness.

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I love you jerma for creating the rat movie and zerrothedragon for creating the mixtape. Follow rats, rats, we are the rats and others on soundcloud. Playlists containing the rats rats we're the rats song but it's a seamless useable 5 minute extension;