Most Depressing City In The World

Most Depressing City In The World. Most of the year it is covered by darkness. One such place is a city called norilsk which is situated in russia.

The most depressing city I ever seen, Norilsk, Russia. pics
The most depressing city I ever seen, Norilsk, Russia. pics from

This is the city dubbed. On top of the toxic pollution, norilsk’s desolate location also gives it reasonable claims to be the world’s most depressing city. The city of norilsk in russia might just take the crown as the world's most depressing city.

Slaughter Beach (Delaware, United States) #3.

There are no roads to norilsk. Our country's finest examples of healthy living. Here are the 15 most depressing cities in the united states.

As More And More Residents Left The City, Blight And High Crime Rates Filled In The Void.

Here are some of damien’s interesting finds via google maps: Inside world’s ‘most depressing city’ it has toxic pollution, acid rain, is dark for six weeks of the year and from time to time its river runs “blood” red. I did very little intense research, and depression is a mental illness n.

One Such Place Is A City Called Norilsk Which Is Situated In Russia.

For example, in november residents can enjoy the sun only for 77 minutes per day. Norilsk, founded in 1935, is home to nearly 178,000 people and is a city located in the krasnoyarsk krai region of russia. Kentucky ranks 47th in personal income and has been 44th or worse in the usa every year since 1939.

It Is Located In Krasnoyarsk Krai Region Of Siberia, Eastern Russia.

A remote russian city branded “the most depressing on earth” is built on a former soviet prison camp, and has a life expectancy 10 years below the national average. If the waters aren't frozen solid, you might get there via boat, or you fly there, snowstorms. It is the world's most northerly city, and the second largest russian city within the arctic circle (murmansk is the biggest).

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Here’s a look at 21 of the absolutely most ugly cities in the world, with extra consideration for how tourists can, should or should not take in the alleged sights. Not to mention 47th in median and family income, 47th in educati. Norilsk is the most northerly city in russia.