Lyrics For On And On

Lyrics For On And On. [verse 1] oh my, my, my, i'm feeling high my money's gone, i'm all alone too much to see the world keeps turning oh what a day, what a day, what a. Choose one of the browsed on and on and on and on lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video.

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Heal and grow and recreate and raise and nurture. And on and on we'll go. [verse 1] down in jamaica they got lots of pretty women steal your money then they break your heart lonesome sue, she's in love with ol' sam take.

So I'm Hanging On Tight Trying To Keep It All Tied Together.

Everybody says that nothing ever lasts forever. And they think that i’m to blame. And love is all we'll ever trust, yeah.

I Was At A Party And This Feller Said To Me Something Bad Is Happening I'm Sure You Do Agree People Care For Nothin…

So i took advantage of the fact that i'm a star. [verse 1] hold me close 'til i get up time is barely on our side i don't wanna waste what's left the storms we chase are leadin' us and love is. I had to follow you little darling.

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Time is barely on our side. [chorus] stay with me don't say it's too late, we can still save this thing ask me, what went wrong? i could go on and on and on, for days i could go on and on and on, for days stay with me don. And i wonder where she can be.

There Will Always Be Laughin Cryin Birth And Dyin. bet your life i'll be.yeah a better woman you see all because you proved out to be a better man for me you build me up with so much affection (you build me up with so much affection) and you make me realize my needs (you make me realize my needs) you seem to move in the right direction (seem to move in the. Oh what a day, what a day, what a day. And on and on we'll go.

On And On And On.

[verse 1] i was at a party and this fella said to me something bad is happening, i'm sure you do agree people care for nothing, no respect for human rights evil times are coming, we are in for. On and on and on keep on rocking baby 'til the night is gone over in the corner i could see this other guy he was kinda flirty he was giving me the eye so i took advantage of the fact that i'm a star shook my hair and took a casual stroll up to the bar and as sure as hell this guy was coming up to me he said, who am i and who are you and who. So hard to find this place.