How To Survive As A Villain

How To Survive As A Villain. When he thought it couldn't get any worse, the next villain role could sentence him into prison !? Because of this, xiao yuan began to work hard to survive.

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I want you as a reward. You have been chosen to become a player in a great game that will decide who becomes the successor of a god! As soon as his short legs stepped out of the main door of the residence, the little kid was suddenly picked up by someone.

A Leg Launched Forward And Kicked The Girl Mercilessly Right On Her Face.

In order to escape her predestined death, eve makes a deal with her fiancé the grand duke. Sei opened his shoe locker as he yawned. Have a devious sense of humor.

Seonghoon Has Suddenly Fallen Into Another World To Participate In A Game To Become A God.

All my years of laughing at isekais and young adult romance novels have caught up to me. Xiao yuan transmigrated into a novel as the homosexual young emperor imprisoning the male lead of a stallion novel. Find something funny that may be horrifying to others.

The Story Possesses Some Unique And Original Qualities And Elements, And The Motive Of The Mc Is To Become Stronger.

A hunger like no other (immortals after dark #2) march 4, 2021. How to live as a villain [review] by [updating] story: This is indeed miserable, and sad.

Seeing That The Sharp Arrow Released By The General Was About To Pierce The Stomach Of The Doe, Yan Heqing Quickly Shot Another Arrow To Deflect The Previous One, Allowing The Doe To Escape.

Action drama fantasy isekai mystery psychological tragedy. Because of this, xiao yuan began to work hard to survive. She told ml no one can protect him.

When He Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse, The Next Villain Role Could Sentence Him Into Prison !?

He withstood the sudden weight which used his shoulder as its center. The world is out to get me. Xiao yu'an bereinkarnasi menjadi seorang kaisar muda dari sebuah novel kuda.