How Do You Know If Your Cat Is Depressed

How Do You Know If Your Cat Is Depressed. Tucking their tail between their legs, laying their ears flat, and their hair standing on end are all fairly common signs to look out for. How do you help your depressed cat to feel better.

Is My Cat Depressed? [How To Tell & 3 Ways To Fix It]
Is My Cat Depressed? [How To Tell & 3 Ways To Fix It] from

Lack of nutritious food and clean water. This will aid in the formation of companionships and the formation of playmates, so decreasing or preventing stress. A decrease in playing or not interested in playing at all.

There Also May Be Dog Walking Bills Or Doggie Daycare To Consider As Well.

Depressed cats may display their depression through apparently timid body language. A significant increase in hiding, you don’t see your cat around anymore. If he is social and seems open to meeting other animals, consider adopting a new feline friend for company.

How Do You Help Your Depressed Cat To Feel Better.

Bring the outdoors inside so that your cat can express his or her natural instincts for climbing, scratching, stalking and pouncing. Some cats that are acting depressed might actually be sick rather than depressed. Again, a change in routine may be the culprit:

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Cat behaviorists explain that depression occurs when a pet experiences events beyond their control. When your cat is suffering from depression he or she will look sad. Litter box misuse or spraying in unusual areas around the home.

There Are A Few Things You Can Do To Keep Your Cat From Being Depressed:

Cats should be kept in pairs. Buy a light that simulates uv rays and turn it on for a few hours a day in your cat's presence. Such lights are often sold in greenhouses, as people purchase them to grow plants indoors.

This Is Because Many Of The Symptoms Of Depression Are Very Similar To The Symptoms That Cats Experience When Dealing With Severe Medical Ailments And Conditions.

As stated above, if you are concerned about your cat feeling depressed, you should arrange an appointment with a vet as soon as possible. If your cat seems healthy otherwise, then litter box avoidance is a clear sign of anxiety. 8 signs your cat could be depressed.