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High Functioning Depression Reddit. “so and so” has depression and manages fine so you should too. I’m just doing enough to appear alright to others, but.

Why It's so Important to Know About High Functioning Depression a
Why It's so Important to Know About High Functioning Depression a from ifunny.co

It only makes matters worse. Does anyone else have high functioning depression? “that’s not the case for.

My Depression Then Was Probably Moderate And I Could Function Mostly Well In My Job And Do All Of The Necessary Things Required Of Me In Life.

High functioning depression makes me feel like an imposter. But i don’t feel high functioning at all. I don't have a bad life.

But Appearances Can Be Deceiving.

I too lately have been feeling like people don’t believe me when i say i have depression. If you feel like this, then you could be experiencing high functioning depression, known to the medical world as persistent depressive disorder (pdd). And they seem to think i’m overreacting.

I’m Just Doing Enough To Appear Alright To Others, But.

The national institute of mental health (nimh) reports that major depression affects 6.7% of american adults. Over 6.7% of adults in the united states—16.2 million!—endure at least one major depressive episode annually. You bury yourself in work.

You Wouldn’t Be Alone, There Are Currently 350 Million People Worldwide Suffering From This Too And That’s Just Those That Have Been Diagnosed With The Condition.

In addition to low mood, people with pdd may also have at least two of the following symptoms: Most of the time, it makes me question if i really have a mental disorder or if i'm just being negative, lazy, unappreciative, etc. I think many ppl think of depression as not being able to get out of bed, struggling to get things done, crying all throughout the day, etc.

High Functioning Depression Is A Mental Health Issue That Tends To Rick Its Sufferers Into Believing They Have No Need For Help.

Smith, a licensed clinical social worker. I try to act happy and go lucky to mask how o truly feel and so anytime it become overwhelmingly unbearable people just tell me “others have it worse.”. I couldn't just stop and fall the fuck down, i knew if i did it would only get worse.