Dime Struck On Wrong Planchet

Dime Struck On Wrong Planchet. A planchet is a round metal disk that is all set up and good to go to be struck as a coin (older terms are flan or blanks). Report this post to the staff.

MALAYSIA COIN WRONG PLANCHET ERRORS. Error coins from dniewcollectors.blogspot.com

Gold dollars 12 liberty head 5 small indian head 2 large indian head 5. Coin with unidentified foreign planchet will sell for over $1,000 in high grade. I had it graded by one of the big 2 and it came back 'man made mint error'.

If The Coin Is A Cent Struck On A Dime It Will Weigh 2.27 Grams.

Have not had a chance to weigh it yet but it. Knew it was a keeper as i had a local store look at it, and he pounce on it with offers. Found this 1977 no mm roosevelt dime and it seams improperly anealed, on a penny planchet, or foreign coin planchet, wrong stock, missing clad layer?

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Hey all, first time poster and long time lurker. Coin looks real to me and is definetely silver. Wrong coin in my mint set “off center” state quarter.

If You Are Striking On A Severely Undersized Planchet It Doesn't Expand Enough To Make Contact With The Collar And So Does Not Acquire The Reeding.

Examples are a nickel struck on a cent planchet and a cent struck on a dime planchet. This means that a dime planchet can be struck by quarter dollar dies, but a quarter dollar planchet cannot be struck by dime dies, since it won't fit into either the feeder tube or the collar. I have a dime that was struck on an aluminum planchet.

If You Look At The Obverse Of This Coin, Beside The Metal.

But if it was a dime planchet, you can have an expert check the planchet itself. A wrong planchet occurs when a denomination is struck on a planchet of a different denomination.some examples include cents struck on dime planchets, nickels on cent planchets, or quarters on dime planchets. This unique discovery piece needs to be further researched for several reasons.

Does Anyone Have Experience With Incorrect Planchets, And How They Are Graded?

The identified and obvious foreign coin types can sell for upwards of $5,000+. The incorrect planchet may have the same composition (e.g. A coin that is struck with domestic dies but on a planchet intended for foreign use.