Depressed In The Spring

Depressed In The Spring. It is not uncommon to feel unusually down, anxious or depressed leading up to or during the spring and summer season. Depression can happen anytime, even in the spring and summer time.

Springtime depression Raillife Magazine
Springtime depression Raillife Magazine from

Spring months hold so many milestones, like graduations and weddings. The second is also positive for most people, since most find communal events to be positive and uplifting. Most of us are familiar with seasonal affective disorder (sad), a type of depression that usually worsens over the winter months.

While For Some, Spring Helps Depression, Sometimes There Is A Worsening Of Depression In Spring.

Loss of interest or pleasure in your favorite activities. For most people the first two factors conspire to make us feel more positive in springtime. May 16, 2017 martha lueck.

In Fact, Suicide Rates Increase During Spring And Summer Months And There Are Several Studies On The Phenomenon.

Depression in spring is often exacerbated by environmental factors, such as excessive pollen in the air. Not everyone is cheered by spring. Sad in spring time and summer is considered to be due to high level of humidity and heat, besides disruption in balance of melatonin level.

Winter Depression Or Winter Blues Is The More Common Form Of Seasonal Depression Than Spring Depression So There Is Not Much Evidence On Why Or What Causes Spring Or Summer Depression.

(pollen triggers inflammation in the body and there is a body of research linking inflammation to worsening mood as well as depression.) 4,5,6. Changes in appetite and eating routines. Often people having pollen allergy suffer from sneezing, blocked nose, runny nose, itching in eyes, sore throat.

Increased Sunlight Or Warm Weather

While any form of depression may look slightly different from person to person, some common patterns experienced in the spring and summer type: We look back with nostalgia or regret or with unfulfilled dreams and desires. Hi, northcoast, i'd like to point out that it has been suggested by many experts that spring is especially bad for people who are prone to depression, anxiety, etc.

While Seasonal Depression Is Usually Associated With The Winter, Some People Find Their Symptoms Peak In Spring.

Which honestly seems like the ultimate irony considering how these months represent rebirth and growth. While the arrival of spring heralds a new lease of life and energy for most people, for those suffering from depression the. But in about one out of 10 sad sufferers, the pattern is reversed, with depression returning in the spring or summer.