Am I Faking Depression

Am I Faking Depression. To be honest i am. People who are experiencing depression usually are very quiet about it.

My 'friend' confided in me that she's faking her depression for the
My 'friend' confided in me that she's faking her depression for the from

As mentioned above, people who fake depression, usually try to harm themselves. I’ve reached a point where i’m starting to believe what my family have been telling me all alone. But we are not making it up for attention.

A Loss Of Interest In.

Are you depressed or just sad? I fought it all on my own! But on the other hand i have enough 'evidence' and reason behind my thoughts to assume i don't.

For So Long I’ve Been Able To Suck Up My Pain, Remain Positive And Get On With My Day, Until I Started Feeling Flat And Dissatisfied Even After Making It Into Law School And Landing An.

How often you experience following. To get the exact result, you have to choose one of these options: Feelings of hopelessness, guilt, or worthlessness.

Make Sure You Answer All The Questions As Accurately As You Can.

I don't wish to have any other mental / physical illness and never have wished to. Have trouble thinking, memorizing, or making smart decisions. May talk about feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness.

People Who Are Experiencing Depression Usually Are Very Quiet About It.

Inability to make decisions (always think about the 'what if's') inferiority. It can or cannot involve obsessive and compulsive behaviours like biting nails, scratching scalp etc. No, no i am not.

We Second Guess Ourselves All The Time.

I am afraid that i'm faking / making my depression worse solely because of the desire of attention. Why would i want to feel like this. Have you ever wondered if you were truly depressed or just another faker looking for attention?